Music Degree from Hull University, Grade 8 Trumpet.
I studied Creative Music at Hull University, with my main focus on Studio production.
I am looking to teach the trumpet with a Mondern Twist such as we can involve Music Technology.

Bands I have recorded

Seeven Durasamy The Trumpet Soloist 2005 - Live Recording in -The Chapel Lincoln Minster School

    Red White and Blues

Ebullent - 2007 Recorded at Riseholme Grange

    Melon Juice
    Second Best

Lincoln District Scout Band - 2007 Recorded at Westgate

    Indiana Jone - Raiders March
    Longest Day
    Hero of Mathakin

Mail Me for more info.
Do you want that Youtube Video well maybe I can help.
Want to learn to read music then take some music theroy lessons.
Want to become a digital musician lets look at the options,
Pro tools / Logic
Garageband / Cubase
Live drum loops creating that first song if you have a gift for music then that's all you need.


Creating that online presence Social media etc..